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Located near the cross-streets of Havana St. and Exposition Ave. in Aurora, CO.
Our address is 10850 E. Exposition Ave., Aurora, CO 80012.
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2018 Colorado Horse Park Champion!

Congratulations Chelsea!

She and Sir Rio were awarded the 2018 Colorado Horse Park Champion in the Pre-Adult Hunter Division.  It's a combination of hard work and patience that made this season so successful.

Good luck in 2019!

Estes Park Hunter Jumper Festival 2017

Sir Rio wins CHAMPION in the Performance Hunters Division!

Rider Stacey Swink for owner the proud owner Chelsea.

Bruce Banker on Cayenne wins CHAMPION! 

Summer 2016 High Prairie

 Professional rider and Aurora Stables trainer, Stacey Swink, shows her talent riding "Keepsake" at the Colorado Horse Park. She represents the third generation of family who calls Aurora Stables home.

In 1947, Carl Baker's father built Aurora Stables as a nearby livery stable and horse boarding facility close to the Lowry Airforce Base. He chose the site for it's vicinity to a creek basin to provide the best soil conditions. As the City of Aurora grew, the location has become far less rural than it's original roots.

The location is uniquely situated in an area that is predominately sandy soil. Carl's father was thinking ahead when he chose the site. This naturally occurring sand makes for excellent footing.

The barns, stalls and turn-outs are being renovated and updated to improve amenities for our customers. The addition of Equit-flex material and new lighting was added to the indoor arena making the footing even more superior for horse training.

We hope that you come for a visit!

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