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Located near the cross-streets of Havana St. and Exposition Ave. in Aurora, CO.
Our address is 10850 E. Exposition Ave., Aurora, CO 80012.
Please contact for more information.


Our barn has many options for boarding your horse. We offer box stalls (single and double) and stalls with attached turn-outs.  There are limited openings for a paddock with attached turn-out.  We do not offer pasture board.

Our stalls are cleaned daily. Every horse is provided fresh shavings daily. Feeding times are scheduled each morning and early evening. We are able to accommodate special feed requirements and administer medication at feeding time.

The rates for board start at $550.00 per month. 

We are a small family-run operation that provides essential care and a quality living space for your horse. Our stall availability is limited at times, so please inquire.

For more information, please contact Laura Baker at